Opossums and Snakes, Oh My!

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Opossums, the only marsupial in the U.S., can be pests because they are scavengers, which means they will sometimes get in peoples garbage or steal pet food or bird seed. They will also sometimes make themselves at home in peoples attics or under the house. Fortunately, while they are mammals, they rarely get rabies.

The best way to get rid of a nuisance opossum is to trap it and release it someplacOpssum Removal e else. It is best to hire a professional who specializes in wild animal removal. Hiring a pest control company is not a good idea, because many such companies use poisons. If the poisoned opossum dies in the house, then the homeowner has to find it and get it out before it starts to stink.

In some ways, trapping an opossum is easy. They are omnivorous scavengers, which means almost anything will work as bait. They are also not very bright. Unfortunately, they typically weigh around 10 -14 pounds, which means they’re about the same size as a male domestic cat. A trap intended to catch an opossum might catch someones cat instead. Also, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources forbids the trapping and killing of any species without a permit from them, except during trapping seasons.

Opossums are nocturnal, which means they go looking for food at night. Therefore, a relatively simple way to get rid of the opossum in the attic is to find the likely entrance to its lair. Between midnight and dawn, check the attic the opossum should be off hunting. Close off the entrance the opossum was using, and it will have to make a den someplace else.


Illinois is home to 38 snake species, four of which are venomous. They are considered pests, because people are afraid of them. They also can get in the house, under the house, or in the swimming pool. Some snakes can be dangerous to pets.

Outright killing snakes is a poor idea. Not only can it be dangerous as the snake will defend itself, but some snakes are endangered and protected accordingly. That includes the venomous massasauga, which is a species of rattlesnake.

A common question is how does one tell if a snake is venomous. In Illinois, the answer is relatively straightforward. Two of the four species in Chicago are venomous rattlesnakes, so they will have rattles. All four species are pit vipers, and pit vipers typically have stout bodies. Thus, a stout-bodied snake should be considered at least potentially dangerous and given a wide berth.

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If the snake is simply in the yard, the best thing to do is to simply leave it be. It is probably just passing through and will leave on its own.

If the snake is in the house, the safer move is to leave it alone and call an animal removal service. They’re professionals and will have the knowledge and appropriate equipment for handling a snake. A person trying to catch a snake will need gloves, tongs, and a container to keep the snake in while its being transported.

Snakes can be captured with a glue trap. Its a box with glue that has been baited with a scent snakes find attractive. Once the snake slithers in, it cant get back out. After the snake has been relocated, the user should spray cooking oil on the pad. That will neutralize the glue, and the snake will be able to get free after a minutes. The glue trap has the advantage of restraining the snake without hurting or killing it.

After removing the snake, the homeowner should examine their home to identify any possible entry points or anything that might be attracting the snake. Many snakes like to eat rodents, so repeated visits by snakes could indicate a rodent infestation. Snakes can, of course, squeeze through even very small holes, so such holes should be found and plugged up to keep the snakes from getting in.

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